Saturday, October 24, 2009

Well, I finally got sick of looking at our name at the bottom of everybody's blog list so I decided to post a little something about the past year so we could be at the top for a day.

John's heel is recovering slowly. It will be a year next month and he gets a little frustrated with it slowing him down but it is still getting a little better each week. His right foot is a little longer now with the lump on the back but he seems to make his boots work somehow.
This is John's heel after he got his cast off in January

and this is John's heel a few days ago.

We spent most of our summer horseback. In April we went and helped my parents brand their calves.
The rest of the summer we spent moving our cows around and apparently taking pictures of Bailey on horses. We spent quite a bit of time at the lake with family and friends but I always seemed to forget my camera. Here are the few pictures that I got.
This is Bailey at the 4th of July parade. She thought the nearby steps were more fun.
This is the turtle Bailey caught this summer. She named it Pink along with everthing else she names. We had to let it go finally because it wouldn't eat anything. Here are a few farm pictures from the summer. Bailey loves helping her dad every chance she gets. We also had another baby a few weeks ago. Sadie Lou was born on October 13th, exactly 2 weeks early. She weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long. We sure think she's pretty cute. Bailey kind of likes her too sometimesRishelle (you're probably the only one that got this far) I am expecting an update from you soon. Thank you.


Scott Family said...

I was so surprised to see you updated your blog. I love love love it. I especially love the pic of Bailey in the wheat field...something about her stance cracks me up. I"m a bit disappointed that you forgot about your trip to Houston...but I understand...It wouldn't be as cool as the horse pics (seriously you should blow some up and frame them).

When I figure out how to take my blog private, I will update it and invite just you.


Lori Killian said...

for some reason your name is still on the bottom of my blog list.... weird. I love your update. Sadie is sooo cute. I need to come hold her again. Does John need help finishing up that fence? Kurt and I can come out there. Just call me and we'll come. Keep updating cause I always love your pictures.

Heddie80 said...

Hey Lacy,
I found your blog off Rishelle's list.Congratulations on your new baby! Sadie is adorable! She really is such a pretty baby.

I love the picture of Bailey in the wheat field too. You have such a cute family. Hope you are doing well.


apriltime said...

Lacy, your update was awesome - I loved all the details and pictures! I can't believe it's been a year since John's accident - wow. I'm glad Sadie is finally here in Vale and I get to see her!

Dan & Brooke said...

Loved the update! It was good to see you guys on Halloween! You were lookin as good as ever! Bailey is so big!

Jalaine Lassek said...

Lacy congrats on your new baby girl! Your girls are adorable!!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

Why in the heck does it say you updated your blog in October but it just popped up on my list update as of 3 hours ago?!?! Silly thing! John's heel looks like no fun....and the new baby!! WOOHOO! So much fun! Glad for the update!

Mandi said...

Finally, My blog list says you just updated today also weird. Anyway, welcome back to the cyber world were none of us have a life.

Taylor & Kristin said...

Congrats on your new baby ... She is so cute. It looks like she has some dark hair. Bailey is sure getting big. I cant believe its been so long since we have seen you guys. We need to get together soon.

Heather said...

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